Apple to Buy Intel?


Just read a fascinating article that Apple have discussed buying Intel, that would shake a hell of a lot up… Intel are stagnating and still they show no sign of introducing ARM processors, Apple taking over (dare I say it) could be a positive step for the company as any company not going mobile these days is falling behind. There are arguments supporting and disbanding this theory, take a look at some of the related articles it’s predicted effect on the market is certainly interesting.


Sudden Popularity

Hi All,

Sorry for not posting for a while first off, I had what can only be described as a MENTAL weekend.

OK. So I am either being spammed or have suddenly developed my own fan-base because my views on LinkedIn have sky rocketed and I am getting messaged no end; it’s a very positive step but I just hope it doesn’t get out of control. Check the graph:


One hell of a jump! Almost 77.3% of my entire views were accumulated in the week beginning the 14th… I’m… Trending?

Ever wonder what Apple does with your Siri data?

I bet whoever has the job of sifting through these gets quite a few laughs a day… Makes you think twice before you ask Siri questions like “Marry me” and other such desperate queries :P.


Whether you’re asking Siri about the weather, the score of last night’s ballgame or something a little more personal, you’re probably at least a little curious about how Apple(s aapl) handles all those voice-activated search requests. Well, you can thank the ACLU and Wired for getting to the bottom of things: it turns out that Apple, using anonymized user ID numbers, holds on to your Siri data for up to two years.

Here’s Wired‘s explanation on what happens when you ask Siri to do something for you and the information goes off to an Apple data center:

Apple generates a random numbers to represent the user and it associates the voice files with that number. This number — not your Apple user ID or email address — represents you as far as Siri’s back-end voice analysis system is concerned.

Once the voice recording is six months old, Apple “disassociates”…

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Boston Bombings: Justice is Served Thanks to Big Data

Boston Boming Suspects

Boston Bombing Suspects

The sheer speed at which the American authorities found the terrorists responsible for this attack was all thanks to “Big Data”, the pictures we take on our mobile devices, the videos we share on social network sites etc. All being collated to one place and analysed – put through facial recognition algorithms and geographical analysis tools and so on. Posts on

An interesting prediction from the E-Commerce Times highlights the trend in Big Data from a Government standpoint, and this tragedy and it’s relatively swift resolution highlights it’s uses in the same industry.

“E-Commerce Times recently reported that average annual big data budgets for government agencies will grow from $5.7 billion in 2014 to more than $7 billion by 2017, according to a study by Deltek.”

Those figures are astonishing, it’s a big budget as it is, but I don’t think further investment is a bad idea by any stretch.




Love, peace and swift justice,


Unparalleled Boredom

I think my sheer lack of posting today is somehow linked with just how slow and boring my Thursday has been. I have however made 4 purchases today, I think because I am eager to receive them time has decided to slow it’s normal operation to make me edgy.

I have decided to not be a boring person (despite my real lack of energy today) and tell you about them:


The CV Book: Your Definitive Guide to Writing the Perfect CV

The CV Book: Your Definitive Guide to Writing the Perfect CV

Innes, James

Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.

So why did I buy this? Well frankly my CV could do with some work, don’t get me wrong I am proud that for someone my age it’s as long as it is but I don’t think I am maximizing the space enough – this author has come highly recommended and the reviews are sublime! You COULD say my CV needs… Refactoring Just kidding


The Interview Book: Your Definitive Guide to the Perfect Interview

The Interview Book: Your Definitive Guide to the Perfect Interview

Innes, James

Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.


Despite my fears of a Swedish interview, a good deal of research has calmed me down. Turns out the only place that really has any noticeable differences is America – and the way they do it actually sounds a lot less stressful; in either case this book will prepare me for anything so a wealth of reviews tell me, and guess what? It’s by that same highly recommended author.

One thing everyone agrees on, is that an interview HAS to be prepared for; just turning up and being yourself really doesn’t cut the mustard these days.



The Interview Question & Answer Book: Your Definitive Guide to the Best Answers to Even the Toughest Interview Questions

The Interview Question & Answer Book: Your Definitive Guide to the Best Answers to Even the Toughest Interview Questions

Innes, James

Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.


Along the same lines as the one above but is more question/answer orientated – while I feel this would normally be a BAD idea the reviews (again) state that it’s done in such a way that it allows you to construct an answer yourself based on who YOU are rather than a blanket response you MUST regurgitate. A template of various scenarios if you will! Winking smile


Beginning Android 4 (Beginning Apress)


Beginning Android 4 (Beginning Apress)

Allen, Grant

Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.

I have wanted so desperately to get into the mobile programming arena and I have decided now is the time to do it, as they say you should begin to learn a new language every year – last year I learned WPF as well as the new enhancements in C# syntax. This year it’s android relevant Java! I have a head start in already knowing Java syntax so I am quite excited to get stuck in!

Love, Peace and someone please give me a RedBull,


The Future of Society and Why it Makes Me Nervous.

So at the end of the day I like to sort out the online social smörgåsbord that is my life, collate all of the information and maybe write a summary blog post or catch up with friends and work on some projects. Mostly goes by without a hitch but today I hit something that stopped me in my tracks and to quote a friend (professor Hubert J. Farnsworth) it made me “not want to live on this planet anymore”:


Disregarding the fact that the writer of this “literary masterpiece” has replaced the O’s with 0’s (it’s a title not a bloody password), clearly there is an issue here and that is, that out there somewhere, Daddy’s little girl is sniffing, nej, snorting condoms (oh, sorry a typo… they’re c0nd0ms). I of course blame myself for liking this group in the first place, but call it the product of an impulsive youngster clicking sporadically at the eve of Facebook trying to figure it out only to be punished for it later in life…

-37 points from society for the girl attempting to do this

-12 points from the joker advertising it with a sense of praise and even trying to sell it as a trend!

+20 points for there not being a penis in that condom and for not being pregnant. (Assumptions… but plausible given the obvious bewilderment of the poor child on what they are actually used for).

Well done world; you have produced a winner! Up there with the girl that licks her used tampons…

Love, peace and all things sexually safe!,


A Prosperous Start; Sudden Dread


So… I am in talks with a couple of companies about opportunities in Sweden, both seem very eager to chat and have so far been very pleasant to talk to – I am even noticing that the recruitment process is slightly more laid back, this is not what preconceptions have led me to believe about Sweden; a pleasant surprise.

Unlike back at the UK, I am not being sharked by ruthless agencies treating me like a skill set and I genuinely feel like these people want to know me as much as they want to know what I do. As to not jeopardise my position I won’t use any names but will explain my experience with the 2.

Company 1:

Now these guys are cool! After doing my research they have this real friendly “Google-esque” vibe going on, they have a belief that if you focus on employee happiness the results look after themselves – an entertaining video of the generic IT nerd (AKA: Myself) being turned into a suit by a company and consequently hating his job felt almost as if it was written exactly for me! I almost thought the video was an autobiography.

I am not one to believe generic hype in any form, but they either spent millions on fantastic actors or the employees they placed in these videos really are having a great time and are loving what they do.

So what about the person I am talking to in HR? After a short browse of their LinkedIn I can tell you I am feeling a little intimidated ( – see points 1,2 and 3) – not to say she hasn’t made me feel comfortable, just tweaked my insecurities a little – but nothing I don’t think anyone goes through in the job hunting stage!

I am quite excited about this one and dates are being planned for a meeting! I can only hope I manage to impress…

Company 2:

Now these guys are familiar and safe! After doing my research I can confidently predict this company will be instantly familiar to me as something I have done before, this is neither a good or a bad thing and I think it has it’s advantages – I certainly feel less intimidated by this posting. I have a real passion for information management and client systems, WCF services and developing a piece of software that goes above and beyond the expectations of a customer and I can see clearly that is what these guys do; they do it cleanly; they do it quickly and there is something to be admired about that.

As such there is no hype, no immediately visible personable qualities – it’s cold hard business and there is definitely a place for that in the world. Especially in the sector these guys operate in.

So the person I ended up speaking to was the MD directly, quite a funny guy and again spoke to me on a personal level – contradictory to what the website would have me believe about the company, based on that alone I am starting to think that maybe this company isn’t the cold hard shell their online presence shows them to be and they just have a bad/business centric webmaster. Hire me… I’ll sort it out Winking smile.

So why the dread? I have suddenly realised that I know very little about the Swedish recruitment process, I can tell it’s different already… I am prepared to answer questions employers in the UK would ask, about UK businesses and UK affairs; Sweden operates bigger than that and I know it! I am going to have to expand culturally and fast I feel, so immediately I find myself subscribed to World News – perhaps at least now I might be able to avoid the 1 million articles a minute about Maggie Thatcher and read something that will tell me there is a world across the pond…

Love, Peace and all things Awesome!