VPC to Hyper-V Migration

Hyper-V Logo

Microsoft’s Hyper-V Logo for roll-out with Windows 8

As any business who is beginning to use Windows 8 will notice, it isn’t QUITE at the epitome of it’s excellence at the moment, but despite the downfall of it’s design, it’s function is leagues ahead of it’s predecessors (once you finally find where that function is).

As a developer that has experience in both form and function I can appreciate it is difficult to bridge the gap, so rather focusing on the negative I will say this: Microsoft got it right with Hyper-V! What a lovely surprise it was to find the difficult to manage VPC had been replaced by something as familiar to me as Hyper-V is, and with completely the same interface. If a developer is reading this I don’t have to tell you how much easier it is to manage your various environments in this Hyper-V console!

Migration however, wasn’t without it’s harsh lessons, so I have decided to post my experience here in order to help those in the same position. “Virtual Machine additions can only be uninstalled from within a virtual machine”, and of course Hyper-V integration features cannot be installed without first removing Virtual Machine Additions….An impasse we have reached Hmmm?

So knowing a little about MSI technology I had a feeling that all that was stopping me was a PreCondition function, something that makes assessments on whether you can install/remove/repair or generally USE the MSI before it actually bothers doing anything; annoying in the fact that I often found installers that didn’t recognize Windows 8 as a valid OS but when the check was taken out the software ran great.

Unfortunately I have no VM’s left to demonstrate this on so the pictures step-by-step are cut short, but for those familiar with ORCA this should be a breeze, so let’s go hack this out shall we?

Step 0.5: Download Orca (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/255905/en-us)

Installer Folder (Step 1)

Installer Folder (Step 1)

1. Find your installer folder (generally %windir%\Installer)

Title to Explorer (Step 2)

Title to Explorer (Step 2)

2. Add the title column to explorer

3. Search for the MSI responsible for the VM Additions

4. Open it in Orca and find the table called InstallExecuteSequence

5. Delete the entries CA_CheckForRunningInsideAVirtualMachine and Error_CheckForRunningInsideAVirtualMachine

6. Save the MSI and try the uninstallation again.

In all fairness to Microsoft it does state in the migration instructions to uninstall the additions BEFORE migration. Just another bad case of the techie not reading the manual…

MS Warning

The quite clear instructions from Microsoft on their migration help document.


Love, peace and all things good,


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