Smartwatch Market Could Be A Third The Size Of The Netbook Market This Year (Maybe)

As a firm advocate of Google I really would quite look forward to a watch that synced with my Android devices. I don’t wear wristwatches, but that’s only because I haven’t found one worth wearing… Until now that is!

Can you imagine the ease of use as a reminder pops up on your watch? Text messages syncing to your watch?

Google’s voice recognition is so advanced I wouldn’t even mind having a crack at replying to that text message using my voice!

So much to look forward to in the coming years, the human race truly is wonderful at times.

Check out this well written article from TechCrunch for more details :).

Peace love and all things good,


It’s almost like Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft have actually launched smartwatches. Except of course they haven’t. But who cares! Analyst house ABI Research has been stroking its collective beard and come up with a forecast for the size of the nascent smartwatch market. And — drum roll please! — it reckons you can bank on more than 1.2 million of the wrist-strapped gizmos shipping this year.

Put another way, that’s about as many Raspberry Pi microcomputers shipped in its first year on sale. Or just over a third as many netbooks are predicted to ship this year (3.97 million units globally, according to IHS iSuppli). Which means smartwatches could be about as popular as a niche gadget for learning about computing/making a DIY robot, but less popular than the PC that’s cannonballing towards extinction the quickest.

Which sounds about as plausible as any guesstimate produced prior…

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