Work In Sweden – Top 5 Observations



So admittedly I haven’t been searching for work long but I feel like I have already learned some major differences in how the Swedes and the British operate; all this even before the interview stage! So below are some of the difficulties I am having:

1. Everybody speaks better English than you.

It’s no secret to us here in England that we don’t speak ‘propa’ English, it gets even worse when you add in the different dialects and little quirky sayings we so often use. So much so nobody on the international English platform has a full grasp of what I am saying, as much as I do try to adopt a neutral tone in my voice, being from Birmingham it’s only a matter of time before I slip up.

2. Everybody speaks more languages than you.

You’d be forgiven for not learning another language if your first language was English (, why bother right? Pretty much everything is in your language, even China makes an effort to translate.


Arguably better English than my equivalent knowledge of Chinese… In any case I feel this has immediately put me at a disadvantage, even if knowing a second language has nothing to do with the job it’s still fucking cool right!?

3. Everybody is more talented than you.

Now I am not here to make excuses for myself but I’d like to think that if my university education could’ve been funded for WITHOUT the repercussion of me having to pay for near the rest of my life I’d have probably given it more thought and not been worried by the impending wrath of student finance England. In Sweden this is not an issue because education is free and provided for by the state, they EVEN offer this to EU citizens (bless you!).

4. A Different Upbringing and Better Culture.

I am still trying to come to terms with just how different the point of view is here in Sweden, compared to them, we Brits almost seem self-destructive – while Swedes do experience the same lows in life we all do they have this glorious ability to blame nobody but themselves. Come to Britain of course and it’s the PM’s fault, the governments fault, the fault of the police or even your neighbour. On a whole though, they eat better, they feel better and think better and all in all their outlook on life and how they live makes me feel frankly a bit of a twat.

5. Dedication

From what I can see in Sweden, there is no middle class; this does not mean not everyone has access to the upper class. The long and short of it is you either work extremely hard or you’re punished for it with an extremely hard life, and this kind of do or die life has bred some seriously dedicated people. In Britain it’s all too common to see somebody drifting through life not really going anywhere but still managing to live a comfortable life, this breeds ignorant contentment and a kind of comfort in not bettering yourself.

No doubt I’ll learn more as I go about just how difficult this whole move is going to be….

Wish me luck!

Love, peace and all things good,



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