Jolla Confirms It Will Show Its Debut Handset Next Month And Kick Off “Pre-Sales Campaign” For Fans After Mid-May

This actually looks quite impressive.


Jolla, the Finnish startup comprised of ex-Nokians who left to keep the MeeGo fire burning, has confirmed it will be showing off its first handset next month, and kicking off a “pre-sales” campaign to allow fans to register to buy the phone. Although Jolla has demoed its Sailfish UI in some detail before, it has generally been tight-lipped about its plans for the device’s hardware design — so next month will mean another big reveal.

Jolla had previously pegged the second half of this year for its debut device launch. Today it has confirmed to TechCrunch that this launch timeframe is not changing, despite its intention to show the phone next month. It provided the following emailed statement confirming the pre-sales campaign and noting that the shipping timeframe remains the same:


Jolla will showcase its first device in May. The exact timing of the introduction will be announced later. A pre-sales campaign is…

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