The Future of Society and Why it Makes Me Nervous.

So at the end of the day I like to sort out the online social smörgåsbord that is my life, collate all of the information and maybe write a summary blog post or catch up with friends and work on some projects. Mostly goes by without a hitch but today I hit something that stopped me in my tracks and to quote a friend (professor Hubert J. Farnsworth) it made me “not want to live on this planet anymore”:


Disregarding the fact that the writer of this “literary masterpiece” has replaced the O’s with 0’s (it’s a title not a bloody password), clearly there is an issue here and that is, that out there somewhere, Daddy’s little girl is sniffing, nej, snorting condoms (oh, sorry a typo… they’re c0nd0ms). I of course blame myself for liking this group in the first place, but call it the product of an impulsive youngster clicking sporadically at the eve of Facebook trying to figure it out only to be punished for it later in life…

-37 points from society for the girl attempting to do this

-12 points from the joker advertising it with a sense of praise and even trying to sell it as a trend!

+20 points for there not being a penis in that condom and for not being pregnant. (Assumptions… but plausible given the obvious bewilderment of the poor child on what they are actually used for).

Well done world; you have produced a winner! Up there with the girl that licks her used tampons…

Love, peace and all things sexually safe!,