Sudden Popularity

Hi All,

Sorry for not posting for a while first off, I had what can only be described as a MENTAL weekend.

OK. So I am either being spammed or have suddenly developed my own fan-base because my views on LinkedIn have sky rocketed and I am getting messaged no end; it’s a very positive step but I just hope it doesn’t get out of control. Check the graph:


One hell of a jump! Almost 77.3% of my entire views were accumulated in the week beginning the 14th… I’m… Trending?


A Prosperous Start; Sudden Dread


So… I am in talks with a couple of companies about opportunities in Sweden, both seem very eager to chat and have so far been very pleasant to talk to – I am even noticing that the recruitment process is slightly more laid back, this is not what preconceptions have led me to believe about Sweden; a pleasant surprise.

Unlike back at the UK, I am not being sharked by ruthless agencies treating me like a skill set and I genuinely feel like these people want to know me as much as they want to know what I do. As to not jeopardise my position I won’t use any names but will explain my experience with the 2.

Company 1:

Now these guys are cool! After doing my research they have this real friendly “Google-esque” vibe going on, they have a belief that if you focus on employee happiness the results look after themselves – an entertaining video of the generic IT nerd (AKA: Myself) being turned into a suit by a company and consequently hating his job felt almost as if it was written exactly for me! I almost thought the video was an autobiography.

I am not one to believe generic hype in any form, but they either spent millions on fantastic actors or the employees they placed in these videos really are having a great time and are loving what they do.

So what about the person I am talking to in HR? After a short browse of their LinkedIn I can tell you I am feeling a little intimidated ( – see points 1,2 and 3) – not to say she hasn’t made me feel comfortable, just tweaked my insecurities a little – but nothing I don’t think anyone goes through in the job hunting stage!

I am quite excited about this one and dates are being planned for a meeting! I can only hope I manage to impress…

Company 2:

Now these guys are familiar and safe! After doing my research I can confidently predict this company will be instantly familiar to me as something I have done before, this is neither a good or a bad thing and I think it has it’s advantages – I certainly feel less intimidated by this posting. I have a real passion for information management and client systems, WCF services and developing a piece of software that goes above and beyond the expectations of a customer and I can see clearly that is what these guys do; they do it cleanly; they do it quickly and there is something to be admired about that.

As such there is no hype, no immediately visible personable qualities – it’s cold hard business and there is definitely a place for that in the world. Especially in the sector these guys operate in.

So the person I ended up speaking to was the MD directly, quite a funny guy and again spoke to me on a personal level – contradictory to what the website would have me believe about the company, based on that alone I am starting to think that maybe this company isn’t the cold hard shell their online presence shows them to be and they just have a bad/business centric webmaster. Hire me… I’ll sort it out Winking smile.

So why the dread? I have suddenly realised that I know very little about the Swedish recruitment process, I can tell it’s different already… I am prepared to answer questions employers in the UK would ask, about UK businesses and UK affairs; Sweden operates bigger than that and I know it! I am going to have to expand culturally and fast I feel, so immediately I find myself subscribed to World News – perhaps at least now I might be able to avoid the 1 million articles a minute about Maggie Thatcher and read something that will tell me there is a world across the pond…

Love, Peace and all things Awesome!


Smartwatch Market Could Be A Third The Size Of The Netbook Market This Year (Maybe)

As a firm advocate of Google I really would quite look forward to a watch that synced with my Android devices. I don’t wear wristwatches, but that’s only because I haven’t found one worth wearing… Until now that is!

Can you imagine the ease of use as a reminder pops up on your watch? Text messages syncing to your watch?

Google’s voice recognition is so advanced I wouldn’t even mind having a crack at replying to that text message using my voice!

So much to look forward to in the coming years, the human race truly is wonderful at times.

Check out this well written article from TechCrunch for more details :).

Peace love and all things good,

First Internet Explorer. Now Search Engines.

EU Flag

The grand and glorious European Dictatorship, sorry Union… Yes it’s a union…

So a recent debate I have come across is the EU (poking it’s nose where I feel it doesn’t belong) this time into Google’s business, ironically acting on complaints (amongst others) from Microsoft despite how the EU have screwed them over in recent months.

As I have stated on my LinkedIn I am more than “all for” a little competition, but believe you can’t create some where there frankly IS none – Bing does little to convince me to switch from Google, honestly after doing a few comparison searches I can only really say it’s a re-badged Google in terms of search results with less features and a more in-your-face-interface and don’t even get me started on how far behind Yahoo are in the search arena.

So the real question is why does the EU feel like it has to FORCE consumers to see something they don’t want to see? I know there are competitors there as do others, and I will choose Google every-time and so will millions because they’ve proven time and time again to be reliable, fairly priced and in most cases first to the post! (Nobody else quite excited about Google Glasses?). It isn’t like they don’t make mistakes, God forbid would I ever pick their social media platform (What’s it called? Circles? Plus?) over Twitter and Facebook.

Needless to say when these changes are implemented and you are trying to find directions “Would you like to try Apple Maps instead?” is just another pop-up window to close before going ahead and using another fantastic product, it will be right there underneath “Did you know this site uses cookies?” right behind that window that just opened up asking “What browser would you like to install?”

Well done to the EU, not only for stifling good companies and their hard work but for increasing my chance of getting RSI from these various pop-ups you want me to close under the banner of fair competition!

P.S. To further promote fair competition perhaps Mac users would like an annoying pop up too asking them what various browsers they would like to install? Or maybe even iOS users would like a choice??

Love, peace and all things good,